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Believe in the Impossible 

Believe in the Impossible 

In celebration of International Women’s Day, business owner and cancer survivor Cecilia Duchezeau shares the secrets of how to make miracles happen.

“Life is a unique experience with its own destiny that moves us to live what we must live. We will always have darker seasons than others; therefore, it’s important to accept life as it comes with love toward ourselves.” – Cecilia Duchezeau

When she was diagnosed with type four leukemia over five, Cecilia Duchezeau lived the hardest moments of her life. Not understanding where the illness was coming from, she was confused and exhausted. A therapist and good friend suggested the idea of accepting the illness and visualizing herself healed with a treatment that would be more enjoyable even though she could still go through pain. Bone complications followed the illness, but Cecilia took a chance and accepted cancer with a more positive attitude and started visualizing herself healed.

“I would see myself running through hills covered in daisies. Those images were very simple, but they were extremely powerful at the time,” she recalls with a smile. After a few days of acceptance, positive thinking, and visualization, the test results of cancerous cells would come out much better.

“On my wedding day, I was offered a book that I had never read. When I got sick, I asked my husband to go to our home library and get me that book. The book was written by a woman who had cancer and very few days left to live. It was a book of prayers, and I received the inspiration to read that book and to repeat those prayers hundreds of times a day.”

Photographer: Daniel Ciubotaru

Slowly getting better and better, her faith and belief remained steady, and she was able to gain more confidence in herself.

When the treatments became more intense, she refused the treatments that were not aligned with her beliefs resulting in her having to sell her business, house, and car to live the life she visualized and believed possible.

“The social services wanted to take my kids from me because I had not mentioned I was ill. I found myself fighting for my life and for my kids in court at the same time.”

In those difficult times, her character was being forged, she learned to say no and became a more assertive woman. She believed in the impossible and became cancer free in three years.

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“What also saved me was love. The love of my children, the love of my family and friends. This special love saved me amongst all those hardships.”

Cancer free for the past twenty years, life for Cecilia is much different today as she runs a successful distribution business of Kangen water fountains all over the world.

“When you get out of such an illness, you are extremely tired, and I found tremendous vitality after drinking Kangen water because it is ionized, alkaline, hydrogenic, with antioxidant power on top of being very hydrating. My blood results were much better from the first week I started drinking Kangen water.”

To this day, Cecilia believes that maintaining a positive mental state and helping one another with love and kindness is key to a beautiful life. Smiling to life, she remains a channel of love to women in Monaco and the whole Cote d’Azur, facilitating transformation in their mental state to live a healthier, happier, and more hydrated life.

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