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Bon Ton Club – Level Up Your Personality

Bon Ton Club – Level Up Your Personality

Bon Ton Club was founded by Victoria Shamis, whose background counts as a partnership with the famous Didier Ludot and the establishment of several vintage couture boutiques named “Victoria’s Vintage.”

Victoria Shamis

Victoria was always passionate about the history of fashion and tried to implement true elegance, exquisite taste, and quality into all aspects of life. She strongly believes that the key elements of being a successful individual are not wealth or money but rather good manners and aspiration to develop intellectually in all spheres of life. We are what we eat, what we say, how we dress up, how we manage our capital, and what we think. In an attempt to pass those values to her daughter Emmanuela, Mrs. Shamis came up with a business model for Bon Ton Club. A place where like-minded people can unite to arrive at one simple common goal-become a better version of themselves.

Bon Ton Club is an international private members club. It is a platform that gives its members the opportunity to revive and come back to true social values, advance in self-presentation, and develops personal and professional skills to achieve the highest possible life goals – genuine elegance and class inside and out.

Bon Ton Club offers its expertise to private families, educational institutions, corporate structures, and their staff members based in Cote d’Azur, Monaco, and around the world. Bon Ton Club’s major principle excellence is why each and every program is tailor-made by our high-profile specialists to reach a noteworthy outcome for each member. If you are a curious individual, the club offers bespoke experiences in the form of events and in-house lectures, reflecting an ambiance of grace and haute class.

Bon Ton Club revolves around “savoir vivre-etiquette,” “history of art and practical art,” “gastronomy and nutrition,” “personal image and self-presentation,” “calligraphy and illustration,” “health and beauty,” “emotional intelligence, soft skills, psychology “and “financial literacy.” Bon Ton’s individual approach allows the members to discover their talents using the programs as a tool to develop their erudition. Bon Ton Club is a young but fast-developing community. The club has managed to gather high-profile experts, teachers, speakers, and media personas as part of their team.
Bon Ton Club is proud to be working in collaboration with such names as Allain Lorca, Negresco Hotel, Maison Godet, Circe, Boscolo Hotel, and Hotel Hermitage, among others.

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In 2023 Bon Ton Club is planning to collaborate with leading private schools in Cote d’Azur and Monaco, as well as Switzerland and UK. For their adult audience, the club is planning to organize an upscale vintage couture exhibition as well as the cycle of Etiquette and Savoir Vivre Lectures under the patronage of Didier Ludot, William Hanson, Sofia.Marbella, to mention a few, is in partnership with leading hotels and auction houses in Cote d’Azur, UAE, UK, and more.
Despite the offline program, Bon Ton Club will be launching online courses led by specialists for anyone willing to learn and profit from this rare opportunity. Online courses will be aimed at adults, children, and corporate structures.

Bon Ton Club closely cooperates with world-leading brands, and its members can always find an opportunity to enjoy discounts especially provided for them at our website marketplace.


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