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Dariya Mestyukova: A Fashion Icon Who Champions Mental Health and Wellness

Dariya Mestyukova: A Fashion Icon Who Champions Mental Health and Wellness

Dariya Mestyukova, a young and successful designer who founded her own brand Mir&Co, reveals the secret to achieving success and accomplishing everything. Nowadays, there are abundant opportunities to learn, develop, and educate oneself, with numerous online courses, tutorials, and training readily available. However, statistics show that only a small percentage of young people make use of these opportunities. Despite being born in a small town, Dariya Mestyukova has proved to be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to learning and achieving success. She studied in Switzerland and obtained a degree in business administration from AGSB. But she didn’t stop there. She moved to Los Angeles and completed a brand management program in the fashion industry, and she is currently studying for an MBA in International Business in Geneva.

Dariya has mastered all of her passions to perfection. She has been passionate about dancing since childhood and graduated from a choreographic school. She continues to dance to this day. She has also maintained her love for yoga and has earned a YACEP certificate (Yoga Alliance Continuous Education), with experience in teaching Hatha, Vinyasa, breathing practice, meditation, yoga philosophy, and pranayama. As a certified trainer, Dariya trains people from all over the world both online and offline. Very soon, she will release her “mir_sanity” program, where she will share her workouts, practices, meditations, and mental health tips, allowing people to practice from anywhere in the world. Dariya’s success is a testament to the idea that with dedication, passion, and hard work, anyone can achieve their goals and dreams.

In addition to her impressive educational achievements and passion for dance and yoga, Dariya Mestyukova also manages to maintain a thriving Instagram account with over two million followers. Her blog has captivated tens of thousands of people with its sincerity and charm, and fans admire her perseverance and boundless energy. Colleagues note that Dariya approaches every task with professionalism and positivity, never losing heart or giving up.

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Dariya’s next step forward was creating her own fashion brand, Mir&Co. With all her strength and energy, she poured her talent into the brand and achieved great success. Her collections have won over millions of fashionistas with stylish and comfortable designs that are always on-trend. The brand itself has become well-known and in demand throughout the country, with growing orders and positive reviews.

Now, Dariya’s main goal is to create a healthy community for women, and men called @mir_sanity. This online education hub will focus on mental health, yoga, meditation, workouts, and mental wellness, aiming to empower young women with the confidence, self-love, and peace of mind to achieve their dreams and full potential. Overall, Dariya Mestyukova is a shining example of how talent, perseverance, and a positive outlook can turn even a small-town girl into a successful designer and idol for tens of thousands of girls.

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