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Elnaz Golrokh: Monaco Is Absolutely The Most Perfect Canvas For Creating Any Genre Of Content

Elnaz Golrokh: Monaco Is Absolutely The Most Perfect Canvas For Creating Any Genre Of Content

Interview by Mariia Grazhina Chaplin

Elnaz Gorlokh – Dubai-based fashion and beauty Influencer, makeup artist, and model.

Do you remember the day when you decided to start your social media account? Was it aimed at your private usage, or have you planned to blog?

Actually, I don’t remember the exact date, but I’ve started my Facebook account in 2010 and my Instagram account in 2013. My main reason for coming to social media was to promote my makeup skills as a professional makeup artist, beauty salon, shooting project, bride project, etc.

How do you manage to be sincere with your audience, and are there any spheres of your life that you prefer not to show?

I have had many audiences for 15 years since I started my career as a makeup artist. Being sincere with your clients and your followers is the best way to keep and grow your audience. Of course, everyone has a red line about privacy that we don’t want to share.

How much time does your Influencer activity take you? And how long does it take to create content?

Actually, it’s more than a full-time job. Influencer’s activity is a big competition that never stops! It depends on high quality and professional content like commercial videos or photos, or creative content. It takes between 2 days – 2 weeks for each one, for a standard content between 2 hours- 1 day. Something about some products I must test the product first, then I have to wait for a few weeks to see the results, then I can explain the products like skincare products.

Do you feel your Internet popularity in real life? Do people recognize you on the streets?

Internet popularity is a part of real life now. Social media is a big part of real life too: the new environment for work, advertising, competition, and growth with a huge audience. Of course, I feel it. It’s a part of my life and career, and I worked hard for it. I spend a lot of time and energy for growth on it. As I told you, I had many audiences before social media about the makeup that they knew me in person, and yes, often people recognize me on the streets, and I feel so great about it.

What was the most unusual offer for you made by advertisers?

I’m in makeup, fashion, and lifestyle, so generally, I don’t accept anything out of this circle. This circle is big enough for me.

What kind of offers do you usually reject?

Offers about the products or activities that I don’t like and I don’t believe in them.

Could you please comment on the following statement: the bloggers’ credibility has dramatically dropped in recent times since 80% of them have fake followers, and all quality-defining programs are very easily cheatable. And it is the reason why a lot of big brands are back to old advertising methods, which reach is countable.

Social media advertising is one of the most important advertising things in the world, and no one can ignore this fact. For me, if I was an owner of a brand, two subjects are very important. First, the quality of the content must be at a high level. Second, the person who wants to blog sometimes must be an expert, be a professional with enough experience, and have a professional career. You can’t stop social advertising. You must pick the right people. You can’t recognize who is fake and who is not, but you can see the quality of content and career, and experience that the Influencer has.

What do you consider the blogger’s peak of success?

I believe you must see how many people have copied the blogger’s style and content. When you see other bloggers, actresses, people, and haters copying the special blogger (even if they don’t follow the blogger on social media), you can call that blogger a successful blogger and a real influencer.

How to learn to be open with a billion audience? How to deal with hate, and is it worth it?

Never and ever you can not make everyone happy (in real life or social media). When your audience is growing, your haters will grow too. Haters are showing you that you are growing and you must be stronger day by day. Growing has pain, but you are stronger after all hard work and pain, and you can enjoy the results.

What programs do you use while working on your blog? Can you recommend some tips for bloggers who are beginners?

Photoshop – Adobe Premiere pro. If you want to take my advice, try to learn everything professionally with the most professional tools. There is no easy way.

What inspires you to your posts?

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Everything in real life and social media that I see.

Do you think bloggers are the trendsetters of nowadays? Can they be considered A-list celebrities?

It depends on the person, a few of them yes, they can be but most of them – no, like in other activities. All actresses are not A-list celebrities. All athletes are not A-list celebrities. Just a few of them are.

Do you style your blogger looks by yourself, or do you have a professional stylist?

I do style myself.

Whom are you following? Whom do you consider as fascinating bloggers now?

There is no special person. I’m following the highest quality content in makeup, fashion, lifestyle, cooking, etc.

In terms of content production, how would you consider Monaco? As Monaco has many diverse locations: architectural, landscape, nature, restaurant.

I think Monaco is a piece of art. Dreamy mountain atmosphere, incredibly beautiful beaches, amazing architecture, with the most incredibly grand complexes I’ve ever visited.
It’s unbelievable to me that Monaco is smaller than Central Park New York!

When you are planning a trip, do you think it is important to have such a variety of opportunities to create content in one place?

I love that you can create any genre of content you are looking for: dreamy, romantic, classic, historical, modern, etc. Monaco is absolutely the most perfect canvas. This land is very stunning for someone who wants to produce content. Your eyes will never get tired of seeing all of these dreamy spaces. I think that those who live in Monaco are very lucky.

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