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Faben X WIBA NFT Art Collaboration

Faben X WIBA NFT Art Collaboration

A worldwide renowned artist Faben has collaborated with WIBA and launched the first NFT for the WIBA Trophy. The unique one-of-a-kind piece of art is available for purchase till 25th March only on the Opensea platform.

Benjamin Fabris, aka Faben, is a French, ultra-contemporary multimedia artist originally from Nice. He is worldwide renowned for his character MrLOVER who brings love and positive energies to the people like an eye-catcher, a “love catcher.”

Faben started his career at a young age with graffiti and muralism. He created a lot of walls around the globe to promote love and kind messages to people who see them. Faben decided to move forward with sculpture and immersive painting to make his touch and the power of his message stronger and more impactful. The famous photographer and art collector Jean Ferrero, founder of The School of Nice, encouraged Faben and contributed to his growth.

For Faben, art must be like love: spontaneous and magical, provoking instantaneous emotions and turning reality upside down. So he created a MrLOVER, which can be seen in several of the artist’s works. MrLOVER fights to restore the sharing, the exchange, and the love expressed by each person.
His work revolves around the spontaneity of movement (resulting from graffiti) and love, the essential vector of every human being. Faben’s works are lively and colorful, the line is perfectly mastered, and the whole gives a speed, and a movement felt instantly; discover MrLOVER’s world – an idyllic place where love prevails.

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Back from the exhibition in South Korea in 2019, Faben decided to include digital technologies into real art to keep the physical aspect of the art and the sensitive and bring it to another level. After thorough research, he created, with the company My Hologram, the NFTH concept. An NFT related to a hologram has the real physical aspect of the digital. It was such a great success that they created the first exhibition NFT in Marrakech, Africa, where the concept was presented. Faben decided to do the “HOLOGRAFFIK” series, a mix between real painting, digital sculpture, and digital animation in one piece of art, and that’s a world premiere.

“Art is a link between people, a bridge between all people from every country, a peace ambassador, a universal language easily understandable by the heART of everyone, so enjoy. Let’s talk about it and YOU And ME.”
For Faben, art must be just like love: it disturbs the real and makes us feel free, connected, and powerful.


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