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Jacques-Olivier Broner About Nowadays Marketing Realities

Jacques-Olivier Broner About Nowadays Marketing Realities

Jacques-Olivier Broner, a strategist for brands and personalities, works with businesses at a fundamental level to resolve structural issues and limit belief systems to unlock the potential within teams and propel projects and brands forward. He advises companies, decision-makers, and celebrities.

How did the marketing strategies for brands change in the last ten years?

The main change is related to digital. Not only because it is a new media (and then needs new commercial formats) but mainly because the relationship with customers, or let’s say audiences, has changed. The audience now produces content. Influencers produce content. Customers can talk together about a brand, even without the brand’s commitment. Ten years ago, brands were struggling to master their digital communication and what was said about them. In a way, they were using the same old recipes on new media. But today, the nature itself of communication has changed. It is time for inclusive communication based on a more open dialog with audiences and relying on influencers, not only the big ones.

How did the new online tools affect the fashion business?

In my mind, we can notice three main trends. First, things are more international (you don’t have to take planes and travel worldwide anymore to see the latest fashion tendencies. You just have to follow the relevant influencers). Second, reputations are weaker. Rumors go fast; a brand can be boosted and killed very fast. So, the brand is a value that companies cherish and take care of more strongly. And last, the real challenge is digital to retail. You can see everything without moving from your place. How fashion and luxury brands can create a phygital experience and go on conveying a “money can’t buy” feeling (that you can buy, of course, at the end of the day)

Can it be affirmed that Influencers have replaced the models in a fashion and are becoming more demanded in the sphere?

In a way, we can’t say that. Models belong to brands. They embody brands, not only physically but also in terms of values, style… Brands don’t really choose influencers. Of course, they make a choice, but among people who already have an influence. Besides, there is a paradox for influencers. If they want to influence, they need to be visible. The more they show themselves, the less glamorous they are since they are not rare. Scarcity has value. On the other way, influencers wear brands, show brands to people, and on a large scale. Larger than fashion magazines today. In that way, we can say that influencers do a job that used to be the models’ ones.

For personal brand strategy, is it essential to be presented on social media, and what social media do you consider the best one?

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Definitely, you have to be in SM. If you are not, anyway, social media talk about you. This week, Tesla fired its PR agency since Elon Musk has 35 million followers on Twitter. What’s the point of having a PR agency when you are yourself a media? The choice of social media depends on your brand.

What do you think about fast marketing strategies based on hype?

It can be super-efficient, but, in my opinion, it never builds a brand. You can sell a product and make a hit, but you have to build a solid base if you want to last. So, you can have a strategy based on hype, and when it works, you need to reinforce your achievements. Daniel Wellington is a good example.

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