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Kelly Rutherford: Everything is Amplified with Social Media

Kelly Rutherford: Everything is Amplified with Social Media

Interview by Mariia Grazhina Chaplin

Best-known to television audiences as Lily van der Woodsen on the hit show Gossip Girl, Kelly Rutherford played the sophisticated, fashionable matriarch on the Upper East Side of Manhattan for all six seasons. Kelly is also known for her former roles in television shows Melrose Place, Homefront, and Brisco County Jr, the film Scream 3, and many others. Kelly is an advocate of multiple women’s and children’s charities, she is also a co-founder of fashion and educational platforms. In 2022 praised by WIBA as Business Lady Influencer.

Mariia Grazhina Chaplin: We all know you as a famous actress and Influencer. Please tell us about your business activity.

Kelly Rutherford: I am a co-founder of Sovereign Collective, a website where you can shop by city and discover new and emerging brands, many of which are sustainable. We have 400 brands to discover and grow daily.

MGC: How did you come up with the idea for this project?

KR: I have always loved to discover new brands, and then I met My co-founder Molly Hanten, we met through a mutual friend, and we both love discovering new brands from around the world and love artisan brands. At Sovereign Collective, Paris, London, Barcelona, Milan, New York, Oslo, and several others are featured. And an extensive range of products can be purchased at our shop: clothes for women, men, and kids, accessories and jewelry, wellness, beauty, and home products, as well as arts and wine. That is how we share our passion for travel, discovery, and supporting entrepreneurs worldwide.

MGC: Tell us about the designers presented in your project.

KR: They are mostly sustainable brands from all over the world: fashion and beauty, wellness, and artists and artisans. We believe entrepreneurs should be celebrated and that customers want to know every purchase’s face, ethos, and meaning.

MGC: How do you use your social media to promote your business?

KR: I do it authentically, share what I am doing, and reshare what we do on Sovereign. We also have a shoppable magazine.

MGC: What do you think is the strength of influencers nowadays?

KR: The main point is to realize their power and influence and ideally use it beneficially.

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MGC: What can you say about social media bullying and how to fight it?

KR: Everything is amplified with social media. It’s always a choice of who we want to be, isn’t it? Are we creating or destroying with our thoughts and actions, and where do those choices lead as humans? How we treat others always comes back to us, and we are here to love. We have just been kept distracted, and you can just choose to re-focus.

MGC: In your opinion, can Influencers, by publishing the right messages to their audiences, change the world for the better?

KR: We can all ask what kind of legacy we wish to leave behind. Each of us carries a life force and energy, and how we use it is powerful. We come from love and return to love. All else is just low-frequency energy caused by all of the programs, and it is about love.

MGC: What does Monaco mean for you? And what are your favorite walking routes in Monaco?

KR: It is a beautiful place that is so easy to get around, a village, and I have met so many wonderful people there. My favorite walking route is Larvatto, and the best location for coffee is at 39.

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