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Nesrin Sanad Stuns in Jad Adam’s Wedding Dress at Paris Fashion Week 2023

Nesrin Sanad Stuns in Jad Adam’s Wedding Dress at Paris Fashion Week 2023

Nesrin Sanad is one of the most captivating and sought-after models in the high-fashion industry, with over a decade of experience walking the runway for prestigious brands such as Chanel, Gucci, and Cartier. Her latest appearance at Paris Fashion Week 2023 was nothing short of stunning, as she closed the show for designer Jad Adam in a work-of-art wedding dress that took the breath away of everyone in the audience.

Adam, a French designer of Syrian descent, is known for his exceptional attention to detail and ability to draw inspiration from his cultural heritage. His designs have been worn by superstars and showcased at film festivals like Cannes and Venice, making him one of the most sought-after designers in the world. The dress Nesrin wore took an astonishing 47 days to create and involved five individuals working by hand. It’s estimated to cost over 60,000€, making it one of the most expensive and luxurious dresses ever to grace the Paris Fashion Week runway.
The dress featured intricate lace detailing and a flowing train, which was the perfect canvas for Nesrin’s incomparable beauty and grace. As Adam’s muse, Nesrin has had a chance to impact a lot of his designs and wear them to several film festivals. Her natural beauty, regal sophistication, and genuine love for her career make her a real muse, inspiring and driving the creative process behind some of the most stunning designs in the world.

Nesrin’s latest runway appearance is further proof of her ability to captivate the fashion world with her undeniable beauty and poise. She knows how to carry a dress and make it look effortless, something she has honed over the years through hard work and dedication to her craft. Her performance at Paris Fashion Week was an example of how much Nesrin has grown as a model and how much she has to offer the industry.
The event was organized by Luxury Place Agency, a premier public relations and press agency with over 15 years of experience in the fashion industry. Nesrin’s flawless appearance at Paris Fashion Week 2023 was thanks to her dedicated hair and makeup team, Patrick and Marcel, who have been ensuring her look is perfect at every VIP event and red carpet appearance. Their passion and talent for their craft, along with the support of the Godina Worldwide Team, resulted in a stunning appearance that perfectly complemented her breathtaking dress. Together, they created a fantastic collaboration that truly shined at the event. The photos of the show were captured by Laurent Hou, a professional French photographer whose work has been exhibited in galleries, museums, and festivals worldwide, including Cannes, China, Morocco, Italy, and Germany.

Nesrin’s appearance at Paris Fashion Week is another milestone in a career that has seen her rise to the top of the fashion world. She has earned international visibility and recognition through her work, including features in highly reputable publications. Nesrin’s career is an inspiration to many young women who want to make it in the fashion industry, showing them that hard work, dedication, and a love for the craft can take them to the top.
Nesrin’s appearance at Paris Fashion Week 2023 was a highlight of the event, showcasing the best of what the high-fashion industry has to offer. It was a reminder of why we love fashion and how it has the power to inspire, transform, and transcend cultures and borders. Jad Adam’s masterpiece was more than just a wedding dress. It was a work of art that captured the essence of Nesrin’s beauty and the creativity and talent of the fashion industry.
We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Nesrin and Jad Adam and how their dynamic duo will continue to shape the future of fashion. Nesrin’s performance at Paris Fashion Week was proof of her ability to captivate the fashion world and inspire designers to create stunning pieces of art. She is a true muse, an inspiration, and a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry.

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Photo: Laurent Hou

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