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Relax, You are in Good Hands – Isabella Bagli Vieira

Relax, You are in Good Hands – Isabella Bagli Vieira

When Isabella was eleven years old, she heard a loud cry for help echo through the house. Running down the hall, her legs struggling to keep up with her racing heart, she found her sister on the ground with a dislocated knee and excruciating pain.

She placed her small hands over the knee and, with gentle movements, brought it back to place while chatting to calm her sister down. 

“At that moment, I knew I was made to heal people,” she said with a sweet smile that transmits why she is the best in the massage and wellness field today.

As a teenager, she enrolled to become an esthetician in Brazil and later specialized in first responder emergencies. She further developed her knowledge of the human body in Europe and Asia with education in nutrition, massages, and holistic wellness.

Today, Isabella Bagli Vieira has an extensive list of clients, including high-performing athletes in soccer, cycling, tennis, automotive, and boxing. Her book of clients extends toward numerous celebrities and executives in business, financing, banking, and yachting.

“With athletes, I work not only with recovery massages, but I strive to create a space for their brilliant minds as well because winning is a mindset,” she explains with passion for her work.

“Many of my finance and business clients require breathing techniques alongside massages because their work can bring high levels of stress and anxiety. The fun part of my job is that I get to customize the session for my client’s needs and lifestyle so at their pace, they find wellness and balance.”

For the past decade, Isabella has worked in the wellness industry and has introduced nature more and more to her sessions. 

“My great-grandfather came from the Amazon forest and was a tribe healer, and he passed his wisdom to my father, who taught me healing techniques with natural elements. I use organic and beautiful natural products in my treatments to enhance my client’s experience.”

This love for wellness and nature has guided Isabella to create an organic line of cosmetics and food supplements called Giu Monte-Carlo. 

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“The real luxury comes from nature because we become whole when we reconnect with nature. It’s essential to take care of our bodies, minds, and souls to be our very best, and my work and brand transmit that energy.”

With expertise in holistic wellness and an entrepreneurial spirit, Isabella is ready to take over the world and make a positive impact in her clients’ lives.  

“One of my clients came to see me with arm pain, and during our session, I introduced sound therapy with massages. That night she called to thank me for not only helping her release the arm pain but also her spirit as she had finally written a letter that had been postponed for fifteen years. Encounters like these bring me much joy and reinforce my love for my work.” 

In a fast-paced life that requires a lot of energy, it is essential to take the time to allow ourselves to breathe, relax, stretch, nourish, and slow down with a professional who will gently bring us back to ourselves. 


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