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Valeria Fedyakina “Bitmama” Reveals the Truth about How the Processes in the Cryptocurrency World are Arranged

Valeria Fedyakina “Bitmama” Reveals the Truth about How the Processes in the Cryptocurrency World are Arranged

Over the past ten years, the true believers of the cryptocurrency revolution have turned what was once considered the gallery of the financial world into a new trillion-dollar asset class. Now they are ready to receive congratulations counting their digital coins. At the same time, even among entrepreneurs, not everyone has a clear idea of what cryptocurrency is and how to work with it. This is how a niche was formed in crypto-consulting services when professionals help create business logistics by embedding crypto-currency algorithms. One of the leaders in this area is Valeria Fedyakina, or “Bitmama” as she is called, the founder and director of the Crypto Asset Company. Valeria’s background is projecting on digital currencies of central banks with HKMA, BOT, PBOC, CBUAE, and BOK.

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Bitmama also has her asset working with projects in the related field – IT. First of all, it is necessary to note the creation of metauniverses – innovative and functional ecosystems for storage, exchange, and investment. Through the use of the most modern innovative solutions in these projects, the inconveniences that occurred before are eliminated. This applies to the security of customer funds, the speed of work, the benefits for investors, and even greater user involvement due to the gamification of services. So, these projects meet both the most diverse customer requests and high technological requirements. To date, the Bitmama metaverse has been created and presented as part of the Blockchainlife 2023 forum in Dubai, February 26-28.

Transactions with cryptocurrency are becoming as familiar as transactions with bank cards today. Many countries are on the verge of the start of state regulation of cryptocurrencies and are preparing changes to the legislation. Large companies are already starting to use cryptocurrencies for payment in transactions. And the day when cryptomats, allowing anyone to purchase this or that digital currency, will become as commonplace as cash terminals are not far off.

More and more products are appearing on the crypto market, designed to provide additional opportunities for customers. These are traditional exchange instruments, passive income (due to the placement of cryptocurrency on a special account), and trust management. The most attractive features of cryptocurrency are the impossibility of its “hacking,” the absence of borders and regulators, and the complete anonymity of transactions. Over the past year, the gravity-defying stock market has pleased many investors, but none of them are as happy as bitcoin owners. According to Messari, an analytical service specializing in the cryptocurrency market, all cryptocurrencies are worth in total more than $920 billion now.

The US held a series of interest rate hikes of 2.25 percentage points (pp). In July, the European Central Bank (ECB) raised the rate by 50 basis points (bp) from 0% to 0.5% for the first time in 11 years. A strong tightening of the US monetary policy has strengthened the dollar against the euro, as less aggressive policies are being pursued in the EU. The strengthening of the US currency also had an impact on risky assets. Since bitcoin is traded concerning stocks, their fall causes the same reaction from the cryptocurrency market.

In addition, Valeria Fedyakina is a crypto market maker, crypto speaker, IT specialist, and expert in blockchain technologies. Among the services her company provides is a legal crypto exchange service for legal entities in Europe and the UAE (main representatives of the commodity business), which allows you to purchase cryptocurrency for cashless payments.

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Today, speakership has become mainstream for Fedyakina. Bitmama is a regular participant in various events dedicated to the cryptocurrency market. At these events, she performs on the same stage as the world leaders in the cryptocurrency industry and is often the only representative of Russia. She has been named one of the fifty biggest crypto influencers in the country. The success of “Bitmama” at such events is that listeners receive concentrated, useful information without “water” and general reasoning. In this way, her performances favorably differ from the stories of numerous “coaches,” which are chaotic compilations from thematic sites.

Valeria Fedyakina constantly monitors the latest solutions in the field of cryptocurrency. She recently wrote a review of Eric Stanford’s book “Dashing Crypto,” noting that a beginner who wants to get started with cryptocurrencies should first study what fraudulent schemes can be found here. Therefore, in her speeches, Fedyakina focuses on revealing the truth about how the processes in the cryptocurrency world are arranged. “Being the best in your field is not difficult – you just need to do what others are afraid of,” she says.


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